Find Things to Do When You’re Traveling: 9 Ways to Save on Attractions


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These branded red & yellow tour buses can be identified all over the world! What's great about these tour buses is that they help you uncover all the hot spots in town. City-Sightseeing Worldwide is known for their hop-on-hop-off tours, meaning that you don't just get to see the best places but you get to experience them by hopping off the bus, exploring a hot spot & later re-joining the tour whenever you are ready. It's a guaranteed way of knowing you'll have the best time at your visiting city's top spots v.s figuring everything out all on your own and landing on a hit-or-miss.


Although City-Sightseeing and CityPASS sound almost identical they are not to get confused. City-Sightseeing provides transportation and a tour to a city's optimum places, whereas CityPASS is how you get into those great places and save money! Yes, we all know how ridiculously expensive museum admission can be. Basically the way it works is you pick a package of attractions or customize your own, pay one discounted price for all your tickets (up to 50% less than regular admission), save money, show your pass, don't wait in line for overpriced admission, and enjoy your day by not wasting your time & money! #winning

CityPASS also offers admission tickets to Walt Disney World Florida & Universal Studios Orlando Resort.

Go City

Go City is a great alternative to CityPASS; it works in the same way CityPASS does, so we recommend comparing prices between the two to find the pass that best suits your needs. The pass displayed here is to Oahu, but they also offer passes in other great places like Orlando, Cancun, California & Chicago. For example with the Chicago Go City pass, you can get FREE admission to over 30 Chicago attractions! Click here to learn more.

Florida Ticket Station

Florida Ticket Station specializes in all things Orlando, Florida like tickets to Disney, Universal & Legoland. Tip: If planning a trip to Seaworld, do a little research to find out how the company abducts marine life & treats their animals & then decide if that is truly a company you wish to support. Other than that, have fun & enjoy your trip!

TopView Sightseeing

TopView Sightseeing tours are created by local experts who know the ins and the outs of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and The Bronx. Their bus tours are well crafted to ensure you get to experience the diverse and complex city of New York.


Tours4fun offers sightseeing tours, day trips and things to do as well as vacation packages. They’re a great place to search for activities all over the world. Another website that offers worldwide activities and things to do is Orbitz.


ToNiagara is a tour company that offers tours in Niagara Falls Canada, Toronto, & the U.S. They offer both bus, and private tours. Their tours are operated year-round, with free hotel pickup and drop off, some of their stops offer skip the line services (like the hornblower boat cruise), all ages are welcome, tour guides are licensed by the Niagara Parks Commission, and bus tours are given in luxury coach buses! You can also find tickets to popular Niagara Falls attractions with ToNiagara.

Xcaret Eco Park mexican Culture, Folklore and Typical Flavors, Underground rivers at Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Grupo Xcaret

We are super excited to partner with Grupo Xcaret Mexico to bring you some of the best Mexico has to offer in entertainment! Xcaret is a huge, widely popular known park located in Playa del Carmen and Cancun, Mexico. Xcaret offers a series of tours and excursions throughout their park, each catering to different forms of exploration. Feeling daring & bold? Take a visit through Xavage where you can kayak and go off-roading. Seeking a high-energy thrill? Xplor offers zip-lining through Riviera Maya, underground river swims, & under earth driving! Click on "Xplor" (above) to save 15% when you book online. Xplor Fuego is all about exploring fire illuminated cave trails, under the stars zip-lining, nighttime rain forest drives, & underground night river swims. And that's just the beginning, Xenotes Tour allows you to rappel, zip-line, kayak & swim in 4 different types of underground water holes & include a jungle picnic with wine & beer! Most tours come with food & drinks included!

iVenture Card

iVenture Card works similar to CityPASS & Go City, it helps you save on attractions in different cities by bundling a package of attractions together in one pass and for one price. iVenture Card doesn’t have a lot of destinations within North America to choose from, but they do offer more destinations in Asia, Australia & Europe.