The Best Booking Sites for Different Accommodation Options

*Tip: The closer you are to your travel date, the more expensive booking a hotel room becomes. For the cheapest price and the best deals make sure to book at least 3 months ahead of time.*

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One of the largest and most well-known travel booking sites is They're mainly known for their hotels but they also offer flights, car rentals and airport taxis too! makes it easy & convenient to get the most expensive travel necessities out the way first (flights & hotels). That way you can be at peace knowing the rest of your budget is all for food & fun baby! By the way, is not just for hotels, they offer bnbs, hostels, cottages and even apartments! They have one of the widest selections possible when it comes to accommodation for any traveler!


HotelsCombined is a great way to compare prices on hotels across all major booking sites. It's the Google of hotels! Just type in where you want to go & a display of all the relevant properties and prices pop-up as soon as you hit 'search'. You not sitting there for hours clicking through dozens of pages for the best deal = A happy traveler.


If you're constantly undecided and the perfect hotel room is hard to find, you need to try out agoda. Whenever I use agoda to browse for a room, I never find any crappy hotel or motel suggestions... in fact I find some of the best! You can find great rooms for both, budget and luxury. Plus, they have a "Book now. Pay later." feature so you can swiftly book your stay. On top of that you can browse all property types like hotels, apartments, villas, and hostels all at the same time! And ON TOP of that, you can book/search for flights and book an airport transfer. agoda and effortless travel truly go hand in hand.


Similar to Airbnb but better, Turnkey offers amazing vacation rentals with the convenience of having a dedicated team 24/7 to cater to your every need during your stay. If you want to stay in a rental and get the service of a hotel, Turnkey is for you. (Think of it as luxury meets Airbnb but without the price hike.)

Book and experience premium property at TurnKey Vacation Rentals


To find last minute deals on hotels click here. For hotels under $100 click here. Tip: Earn & collect rewards with their free loyalty program!

Cheapflights is constantly running deals & not just on cheap airfare. Might not sound like your typical hotel booking site, & may not be the first website that comes to mind when you think hotels, but we found that they offer discounts on All-Inclusive Resorts and Suites. Sounds pretty sweet to me! :)


If you're looking to stay somewhere different than your typical hotel room, or if you just can't find a room that's good quality & within budget, definitely check out Airbnb for stays as low as $10 per night! For $40 off your first stay click here.