Zip-lining in Lake Geneva, WI

Zip-lining in Lake Geneva, WI

Hi! Welcome to our blog.

Way of Vida is our online hub where we talk about things that matter to us, places we want & have traveled to, our drive to explore the planet, and it’s our space to be transparent with our audience about the reality of our world.

It’s no secret I want to travel the world and meet other people, immerse in their culture & learn their ways of life. I live in a world full of posts that solely display “look at what I’m doing, look at my life” yet I want to showcase the world around me. Although aesthetically pleasing, exploring to just post pictures of myself in other locations isn’t fulfilling. I like to talk about my own experiences, sure, but I also want to learn from new perspectives and blog about what I take away from the new places I see, the people I meet, and the different lifestyles I experience. Since I’m not currently traveling the world, I thought I would start by showing people the way of life here in my own city, Chicago. Start local go global right? - Leilani

Think of our blog as lifestyle with a mix of world travel inspiration. We aren’t experts, just regular people open to endless possibilities like the rest of the world. Wherever our journey takes us next, we’ll be documenting our adventures & what we learn along the way - we hope our platform helps broaden your horizons to Chicago & our planet.


Kevin & I both grew up & were raised in south side Chicago. Kevin loves learning about nature & the environment, I love writing, & we both love discovering new places, so merge those three things together & the product is this blog. It’s our passion-purpose driven project for a better world & a better life.