Make a Difference In The World: Volunteer Opportunities for Environmental Conservation & Social Good

Apart from providing you with a couple resources to help the environment, people & animals on our Bucket List page, we realize that there are far many more opportunities to help; we created this page for anybody seeking additional resources on ways they can make a difference in the world & partake in opportunities that drive change!

  • Has responsible travel guides that promote local & sustainable travel.

  • Offers a vast amount of information on social enterprises (businesses that travelers can go to that benefit local communities).

  • Has a global volunteer work directory.

  • Gives you the option to browse volunteer work by skills or destination.

Anywhere in the world

Online Volunteering

Who said you couldn't make a difference in the comfort of your own home? Or anywhere in the world for that matter. Volunteer online according to your skills & points of interest.

Hands on Volunteer Abroad

As long as you meet the requirements, you can register with the UN to make a difference in other countries.

  • Focuses on wildlife conservation organizations that are independent so they are free or inexpensive to travelers who want to devote their time to volunteer abroad.

  • Pays for your expenses and gives you a salary.

  • Travel and make a difference in the world by volunteering in social projects.

  • Gives you tips & information on how to travel sustainably and be a responsible traveler.

In your home base

  • You can be a part of a national effort to drive positive change in your own country! Register as a United Nations volunteer. Must be 22 years or older.