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12 Clever ways to make money online in 2019

12 Clever ways to make money online in 2019

I want to start off by saying that I consider myself an entrepreneur. It's interesting because the word is sometimes overused yet other times people are scared to refer to themselves as one because they believe that an entrepreneur is someone who creates something totally new & different. People believe that in order to make money as an entrepreneur, you have to invent a whole new product or service. I learned that that's not the case; you don't have to reinvent the wheel to make money & being an entrepreneur is really just someone who isn't afraid to go for it, do their own thing, & start their own business! Leaving Corporate America behind... that's what entrepreneurship looks like! And no, you don't need to have a lot of money to make money. Especially in this digital day and age. So behold: 12 ways to make money online as a digital nomad! (No survey BS!)

(P.S) The list is not in any specific order so don't assume the first thing on the list is the best way to make money online. There is no "best" way to make money online because some methods of making money will work better for some people while a different method might work best for someone else.

1. Have a Blog/Website & Provide Exclusive Access to paying Members

woman working from home image

Maybe you have some tips up your sleeve on how you grew a large audience on Instagram, maybe you are an SEO wizard, or maybe you know how to edit pictures really well on Adobe Photoshop. Whatever the case may be, establishing an audience of people who know & love your content is key. Of course some of us just love to write & share our ideas because we are passionate about the topics we are discussing and enjoy it, but we also have to make money to sustain ourselves right? If your content is something that will bring great benefit to your reader, something that will provide honest value, and you can genuinely see somebody paying you for the information you provide, then you can create a login page on your website for Insider Access to your most valuable content. Having a login page with readers paying a subscription to access your all your content is a great way to monetize any site!

2. Have a Blog/Website with Google Adsense

man making money from google ads image

I'm not entirely sure if you are allowed to have Google Adsense on a free website, because I have never personally tried that, however this is a great option for those who are paying to host their website on a platform. I would consider Google Adsense revenue as an extra allowance and not depend on it as a main source of income. Reason being-- on average, it does not pay much, I would only see it making a considerable difference if you have millions of page views per month.

3. Sell E-courses and/or E-books (Train People & Help Them Get to Your Level of Success)

woman building an ebook or ecourse online image

Once you've mastered something, whether common or not, (preferably the latter) people are actually willing to pay you for your knowledge! They are especially willing to pay someone who displays the results they want for themselves. For example, you are more likely to sell a course on how to get fit, if you are fit yourself. Before I even started this website, I bought an E-book on how to start a blog. The E-book was written by a successful fashion blogger who has first hand experience. It was a lot more detailed than your typical 'Wiki How-To'. So when creating these books/courses you want to make sure you are providing the reader with detailed content & information on how to achieve all aspects of the main goal. People are more willing to buy if you are providing a generous amount of useful information that actually worked for you. You can sell these type of items on Amazon & on your own website as well.

4. Sell Presets

creating a preset to sell on adobe photoshop image

I've been seeing this A LOT on Instagram lately! A preset is a filter that has been automatically tuned to your liking. There are presets for different things like beaches, jungles, sunsets... etc. If people like the presets you are using on your own photos on Instagram, selling presets is a good way to make money AND fund your travels!

Having the skill to make a preset that drastically increases the visible appeal of photos is so valuable because A. It attracts a lot of followers to your Insta (most obvious & straight-forward reason). B. You can blog about editing pictures on your website & make certain juicy tips/content exclusive. (Refer to 1. above). C. You can sell e-courses teaching people how to make their own presets! (Of course you don't want to give away all your tips & tricks because you also want people to buy your presets right? Teach people the basic idea in the courses/content you create but don't teach them the specific way you make your presets. The uniqueness of your presets is what makes them so valuable!

Please note that this method might only work for those who have a large following on Instagram already. Read #8 for more info.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Don't want to create and sell your own product? You don't have to! You can apply to be an affiliate with almost all major companies! Affiliate marketing is a way for you to earn commission on items/services sold based on your referrals. Affiliate partners track your commission with tracking cookies or special links that contain your referral code or tracking ID. Usually, in order to make a decent amount of money with affiliate marketing you have to recommend the products/services to more than just your friends & family. This is where having influence or leverage on online platforms really comes into play. But once you have a good standing on your preferred platform you can earn ongoing income. The first step is to research the companies you are interested in promoting and apply to their affiliate program directly. (Usually you'll find this information at the bottom of their web-page). You can also apply to affiliate platforms. Websites like CJ Affiliate and ShareaSale offer a platform where you can apply to join multiple affiliate programs from various different companies in one place. I personally like affiliate platforms, and in some cases prefer them as I find the platforms to be much easier to work with in terms of keeping track of all the companies you are affiliated with. It's also the most convenient way of finding promotional links to share the product on your platforms.

6. Instagram

image of phone with instagram app open and an olympus camera next to it

After gaining followers with your awesome photography & impressing them with your unique presets, companies can reach out to you to promote their product. These are called partnership deals/sponsored posts. From your part, they usually require you to post a picture on your social account(s) showing off a product and/or brand as a recommendation to your followers. If the audience on any of your platforms is beyond large, you can actually reach out to companies yourself and ask them to pay you in exchange that you write a post about them (recommendation). Basically this is leverage for the company to acquire lots of potential customers, and money for you! Getting paid to post pictures on social media is what dreams are made of! (P.S this method can work on any platform where you have substantial influence, or reach a vast amount of people). (P.P.S in order to get the best results, make sure to stick to reaching out to companies and promoting any products or services within, or similar, to your niche).

Don't have enough followers for this method?
Jump to step 8 for info on how to gain more followers!

7. Free Accommodation/Free Food?

image of couple traveling and staying at a tropical resort with palm trees
image of people eating burgers

This isn't exactly getting paid but... if you have a professional website or a platform with a large audience you can reach out to luxury hotels and offer to review them in exchange that they let you stay free for a couple of nights (or at least for a discounted price). This method can also work to get free meals at restaurants if you have a website centered on food, culinary or something similar. (E.g a travel site- people are constantly looking for recommendations of where to eat.) Once they approve, you will create content for them by taking professional quality shots of the resort, food, restaurant, ambiance, atmosphere, or anything that truly captures the essence of the restaurant or hotel. Depending on the platform you will be promoting them on, you will either post a picture with a caption regarding your experience and tag the company's social profile, or write about them on your website/blog and link their web page on your post for your audience to check out!

8. Have a giveaway!

Okay, this may not sound like you're making money (just handing something out) but hear me out. What are the rules of the giveaway? You get to choose. (That's the real money maker). Invest in a prize worthwhile, announce you're having a giveaway on whatever platform/s you choose, and ask your followers/viewers to tag a couple of friends in your post to enter the contest. If you want them to re-post, or post something new on their own profiles, tell them they have to do so to enter the contest; make it clear that they have to tag your account in their post in order for their entry to count. This will expose your page to more viewers, thus gaining more followers! How is that good? The more followers the more brand deals! Cha-Ching!

9. Leave a Call to Action in Your Posts

By leaving a call to action you are encouraging viewers to engage with your content. And brands look at how much engagement you have when deciding if they want to partner with you to promote their brand.

10. Sell Your Photographs Online as Stock Images!

Lots of independent entrepreneurs or businesses are willing to pay for photos! They use these photos for either ad campaigns, their website, articles they write... etc. High quality images pay more but regardless this is a good way to make money from your phone's photo album, or from your photography collection/hobby. Generally, pictures of generic activities get searched for and downloaded more often but don't shy away from offering pictures of the less popular like a specific location; you might help someone else out! (I know for a fact it is incredibly hard to find pictures of something specific without being able to use Google Images).

11. YouTube

laptop with youtube video of people dancing a passport and headphones image

YouTube is like a mix of Instagram and having your own site (except you don't get to make your own terms of use) buuut you do get ad revenue + brand partnerships based on the number of subscribers and level of engagement you have. You can also use YouTube to refer people to check out your website, or vice versa.

12. Patreon

Just like YouTube, except your hardcore fans will pay to watch your videos.

13. Travel Everywhere. Earn Anywhere

If you want even more ideas on how to make money online, Travel Everywhere. Earn Anywhere has an abundance of resources available for anybody looking to free up their time, make money online, & travel the world! Not only does the site offer practical advice on making money online, but they help guide you through the process by covering various topics you need to consider when becoming a digital nomad and/or online entrepreneur. I like to bookmark some of their most helpful tips & content for easy reference!

Know of any other ideas? Comment them down below. Like I said before, let's make this a community where we can help each other out! And if you found this useful, please share it so it can help somebody else.

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