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No expectations | Happiness

No expectations | Happiness

What dictates your happiness? What makes you feel alive and want to live? Laughter, sunshine, good news? What happens when these external factors go away?

I should probably stop asking all these questions because I find overthinking causes anxiety. When I try to look too deeply into something- whether it’s good or bad- my mind can overwork itself causing these feelings of doubt & fear. When I’m working on myself, fully focused on my craft, my hobby, I know I’m going in the right direction because I can feel myself enjoy what I do. Happiness is such an existential part of the human experience because we all want to just feel it. I love to think, as thoughts are what get me to produce things; it’s when I fully rely on my thoughts and not both, my thoughts and my feelings that I find myself feeling like something is wrong. It’s ironic because the mind is really powerful; realizing that it allows you to do so much, my thoughts start to wander & I realize too, that your mentality has the power to hinder you.

Self doubt, anxiety, fear of what others may think of you… those are all a product of overthinking. Those are things that can manifest into your reality if you let them stay in the back of your mind (subconscious). Why is it like this? I believe it’s because those thoughts provoke a certain emotional response and one carries themselves the way that they feel, therefore you present yourself to the rest of the world as the thoughts you give the most energy to.

Likewise, when you truly feel happy & just let your positive feelings lead where you want to go in life and what you want to do, those same feelings of happiness, & abundance manifest themselves in your physical world. So by this theory, you can attract things in your life even without the intent; nobody wants to feel a negative way, but if you over-think and cause self-doubt and anxiety in yourself, you will present yourself in an insecure way. Not that it matters what others think of you, what matters is that you don’t want to feel that negative emotion or to associate yourself with it. Living in a constant negative emotion, can lead to your reality, if that’s what you choose to focus on and give your time & attention to. Nobody deserves that you know? Because people aren’t actually insecure, & if you ever think somebody is, know that they’re just presenting themselves that way, it’s just a reflection of their present state of mind.

I believe you can’t naturally be an insecure person, because we all care for ourselves in some sort of way… we feed ourselves, bathe ourselves, we enjoy what we enjoy! There’s a reason why we prefer things a certain way and that is because we choose the things that we want & bring us happiness & fulfillment. Why is it that we feel happy when we eat our favorite icecream or listen to our favorite music? Because we are giving time & attention to (we are giving our energy) to hobbies, things etc. that we enjoy. Because we aren’t overthinking what we want, we know what we want and we choose to go after it. Literally anybody can have whatever they desire in life just by making that decision.

In my personal life, sometimes I get anxiety when I question where my life is headed. I fear that I’m pushing the resistance so much to the way my life was before, that my family & close friends won’t be able to really relate to me or will feel out of place with me. When I think about these things, I feel bad & it is because my body is warning me that those thoughts will lead to a bad outcome; they will make me feel uncomfortable with my success. Instead, I forget that this is WHO I AM. That now I am able to express myself in the way I’ve always wanted and that doesn’t discomfort anybody, and if it does, that’s a problem with them and not me. I will always pursue my passions and inspire others to pursue their passions! That’s just me, that’s just the way I love to live. I have never been one to be comfortable with sitting back and watching things happen, at the end of the day happiness is being able to enjoy it with others. Being able to enjoy it with as many people as you can. If you can spread your energy, like butter, to light up someone else inside, why not do it? Why not live to your full potential while helping someone else live to their full potential? I believe that will create a domino effect of good vibrations being sent from us, to the universe.

The title: “no expectations” means just letting things flow. It means allowing yourself to be fully who you want to be. Allow yourself to think, to feel and to do; everything is a balancing act. Feeling a positive emotion is an affirmation that you’re on the right track. When you bask yourself in these feelings, it’s like a refreshing wave of inspiration and motivation that lead you to come back for more. When you fully allow yourself to be & immerse in your ultimate vibration you awaken who you are. You will not let any negative thought define you because you know your give all your thoughts their power. You are the energy supply for everything you think, do and achieve. Be grateful for your feelings, and your body, your touch, and your beautiful mind that allows you to create endless possibilities and enable you to act upon them. I am grateful to have a powerful mind in a physical dimension. That’s the true meaning of happiness and the true meaning of my human experience.

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