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How to see more of NYC's top attractions by paying less & get a free bus tour

How to see more of NYC's top attractions by paying less & get a free bus tour

Visiting NYC? You might want to know the best way to save on transportation while seeing and exploring the city's hottest spots! Travel is about immersing in the iconic while also discovering hidden underrated gems, so why not get the best of both?

nyc square by night

There's so many legendary places you dream of visiting in New York like The Statue of Liberty, Empire State, The 9/11 Memorial Museum, Madison Square Garden, Coney Island, Ocean Odyssey... the list goes on and on. So why not do it all? Well sometimes your budget can only stretch so far... and if you also want to discover those hidden gems, then you're probably worried wondering if you can do it all, contemplating having to sacrifice one for the other. Well I'm here to tell you this: you shouldn't have to limit yourself. After all, travel is to widen your horizons! You should be able to travel somewhere new and say you got to see and do as much as possible!

Being a firm believer that your budget shouldn't hold you back from the full experience, I'm going to share with you the #1 trick to doing it all while also not going over budget, so you can live #limitless. This little known secret is why clever, go-getter individuals have already stopped paying regular admission at the gate, it's just the smart thing to do!

Never pay full price for admission again! Hello, let me introduce you to Go City. In case you've never heard of it, Go City is a pass that gives you access to a city's top attractions for waaay less than regular admission.

How does Go City work?

Well instead of purchasing overpriced admission at each location, you get admission to multiple locations of your choice for one lower price. After purchasing your pass, in this case it's the New York City Explorer Pass, your passes are instantly sent to your email for easy access at the gate. So not only do you not have to wait in line to buy tickets, you are also saving money since Go City gives you a lower price overall, up to 50% less to be exact.

So what exactly do you get with the New York City Explorer Pass?

Well it's very flexible, you can choose from various packages, that all include different attractions and a different number of attractions, or you can create your own to build a package customized for you. You can view, compare, and check package bundle prices by clicking here. If those packages don't have all the locations you want to visit, don't worry just choose "Build Your Own" you have over 81 attractions to choose from, you name it they've got it!


One of the best ways to really enhance & add-on more value to your pass is by incorporating the Hop-On Hop-Off Big Bus Tour to any package. Why? Because the Hop-On & Off Tour is able to add on many more attractions all on its own.

So for example, imagine you are buying the NYC Explorer Pass to visit 5 attractions, if you pick the Big Bus Tour as one of those 5 attractions you will actually get to visit over 30 attractions since the Big Bus Tour stops in over 25 locations. How crazy is that?! The price of the tour bus itself is $60 & this will be something free that comes included with your pass! It's the optimum way to get around the city + cover transportation and entertainment costs all in one! Also, because it's a guided tour, it's a great way to not only visit a new place, but also learn the interesting background and rich history each location has to offer.

To name a few, here are some of the additional locations you can visit by adding the Big Bus Tour to your Explorer Pass:

  • Little Italy (SOHO)

  • Brooklyn Bridge

  • Wall Street

  • Central Park

  • Museum of Natural History

You may be wondering the specifics of how to gain admission to ride the Big Bus Tour once it has been added to your Explorer Pass and it's pretty straightforward. The bus rides from 8 am-6 pm and you can choose what location you want to board from: W 42nd & Broadway, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park, M&M's World, or W 42nd St. and 8th Avenue. Once you're at either location, you will get your Explorer pass scanned by a Big Bus agent who will then give you a boarding ticket for the Hop-on Hop-off Big Bus. An agent can be easily located by their white or burgundy polo with a Big Bus logo on it. They may be wearing a white or burgundy Big Bus jacket as well, depending on the season. And that's it! You're ready to start hopping on & off at whatever stops you want. For a list of full attractions click here.


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