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You have to do what  most people aren't: How your "flaw" can help you pursue a better life

You have to do what most people aren't: How your "flaw" can help you pursue a better life

People say why risk it?
Why risk it all for that one amazing shot right?

Except it's not right, because people are so used to feeling one way & thinking one way. But what if we thought differently? Feeling too comfortable with where you are now can lead to regret later on.
Meaning, I'd rather have hope and try than not believe in myself and be stuck in a place I really don't want to be at, later on in my life.

I realized that we, society as a whole, have been thinking and going about things the wrong way. How quickly you can forget to dream and act on your dreams as an adult. People are quick to fill themselves with self-doubt. Listen, you are trained, since childhood, to be a certain way and fit a certain mold. So for some, going against that grain can feel scary, heck maybe even intimidating. That point that I'm trying to make is that you have to let your passion lead and trust your gut. It won't be easy, it won't be perfect. But I realize my flaws are what got me to think of life in a different way to begin with.

You see, all I ever wanted was to be on time. I was chronically late, everywhere and to EVERYTHING! Never being able to be on time made me feel like I was useless to this society. Like I would never get a real job, never succeed. It wasn't until later, when I was in college, that I realized I just operate differently. You don't have to fit the mold that others have set for you. First of all, you have to realize that everyone isn't the same person. Society makes you believe that if everyone follows their "step by step process" (go to college, take out loans, work a corporate job etc.) you will succeed. And yes that will work out for some, but that doesn't mean it's meant for EVERYONE. Why? Well because we are not everyone, & because EVERYONE is different.

image reading be afraid of the enormity of the possible

For example, I think that if my personality/persona were different, I wouldn't be pursing what I am right now; blogging. I would probably be in a college somewhere studying to work for corporate after I graduate. Some might love that, others will probably be okay with it, however others will hate it. It really isn't about "follow what I did it will work for you too"; it's about follow what works for the way YOU are, and the way you want to be. Who you really want to be. For instance, I mentioned I was always late, for me being a blogger is the freedom to never be on someone else's time, to be able to wake up everyday without having to do the same work routine, to do what I enjoy every morning, develop healthy habits, do what's best for me, and live on my own terms. To not have to worry about "I have to be here" or "I have to be there". You know the "same shit, different day" sorta thing? Don't want that. Not having to trade my time for money excites me. However this isn't for everyone. Some people like routine, some people need it. I need everyday to be a new adventure. What made me different and I saw as a flaw allowed me to think about what my goals are and what I really wanted out of life.

Think of your life right now and what stressors you want to eliminate. Think of your passions and it fits in with your work style. Notice if it fits in with who and how you are as a person. If you find that the traditional path isn't for you, realize that there are other ways out there of making money and succeeding! Things that other people are already using to make money, like a website, selling e-courses, or YouTube. I fundamentally believe college should be a tool for education, to help bring knowledge and awareness to people. If you find that working in a non-traditional job like blogging, YouTube or anything else helps give you the money you need to go to school, and have more time to do what you love & enjoy, what's stopping you? Remember, we all start from zero. The way I see it, you will be going to school simply to be more knowledgeable. NOT to drown yourself in debt in hopes of landing a career that may or may not make you enough money after college. Don't let fear of failure dictate your life and live life for you. When you do, amazing things start to happen, you blossom.

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