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Rebranding our blog, starting from scratch, and defining ourselves

Rebranding our blog, starting from scratch, and defining ourselves

You may have noticed that our blog is heavily travel inspired, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that when we first started out, that’s all that it was.

It’s hard because sometimes you start focusing on one niche and realize that you like talking about other topics that you hadn’t previously thought about.

I’ve always liked writing, one day I came across a facebook ad by Marina Degiovanni talking about blogging and how she was able to break free from her 9-5 by starting a blog. So to me this made perfect sense, I was like hey, why not be a blogger who doesn’t have to be on someone else’s time and gets to talk about her passions and what she loves? I remember writing down a list of all the things I was passionate about. I would rank my list of interests with points and chose my main topic from the highest ranking. It’s funny because I’m not a world traveler, yet the thing that I ranked as my highest passion was travel; it was the desire to see and experience more of our world that stood out to me the most. I have traveled to beautiful parts of Mexico before, & I consider myself lucky to have gone snorkeling in Cancun and to have taken ferry boat rides to Isla Mujeres, but let’s be honest, I picked a niche I had no experience in; I went into this blindly. Being a newbie to starting a blog, I had no idea how things worked, I blindly assumed I would make money & have my own creative space online. By no means am I an expert now, I just understand how dedicated you have to be and how things work. Things don’t just happen overnight, even if you work 12 hr days in front of a laptop trying to cram in as much as you possibly can.

I started a blog with the thing I wanted to do the most which was travel, but I wasn’t doing a lot of traveling so I didn’t have much to write about. In my first year of blogging I set up a website that looked more like a travel search engine than a blog. My passion for writing wasn’t highlighted, I mainly aimed to show travel packages to other people from the affiliate partners that we had made. It was tough, I felt like a pretend travel agent who just wanted to book a trip for herself, I didn’t feel like a blogger. Even our old blog name, Arrange Getaways, hinted towards that. I wanted to create travel guides to different locations, but what I didn’t understand was that I wanted to experience these places myself and then write about them as I go, not sit in front of a computer all day long doing a bunch of research on things to do in xyz location.

📍 Chicago Botanic Garden  A little escape from home; it’s important to recharge and listen to your inner voice.

📍 Chicago Botanic Garden

A little escape from home; it’s important to recharge and listen to your inner voice.

When things didn’t work in my favor, & I felt like I was failing, I would listen to this little known podcast called The Ground Up Show to get inspired. I was on this entrepreneur journey & from success stories, to seriously inspiring motivational videos, to tips & tricks from money making digital nomads, I created this YouTube playlist of entrepreneur videos that added value to my life. I didn’t know anybody else in my life going through the same things I was, & the energy these people gave off in their videos really aligned with my higher self and how I felt deeply within.

Just today I was thinking how Matt’s podcast has impacted my life and how that’s the type of creator I want to be, one who impacts.

A lot of the times we look around us and we see people who mirror some sort of image of ‘success’ and we think that in order to move up, we must be like them. This was Kevin & I with Instagram travel bloggers. We thought we were a travel website to help other people plan their travels because we couldn’t blog about traveling to other countries like other travel bloggers. And in trying to be something that we weren’t we neglected what made us unique. See the great thing about creating your own path, is just that, creating it; there’s no cookie-cutter mold to fit into because you’re the one shaping the mold yourself. By trying to be something we are not, we found out who we really are.

We are bloggers, we blog about places we want to travel to, the things that we would like to do there, and we talk about the environment and things that matter to us. What I realized is that you don’t have to be a full-time traveler to have a travel blog, you don’t have to be a scientist to care for and blog about the environment; these are our passions that we are bringing to life! Our goal was never to travel just for fun, we want to travel to document and bring awareness to different ways of life, to talk about our planet on social media to an audience of followers who care and will take action. Our blog is about accomplishing good things for ourselves, so that we can have the time, money & resources to accomplish good things for the planet. It’s about learning about the companies & corporations that cause us harm by exploiting the planet & boycotting them. It’s about living a life we truly want to live, co-existing with nature and inspiring others that will follow our process. It’s about creating a social, economical, and attention-grabbing movement that causes an impact. It’s about being able to create change with numbers. We can’t wait on others to act to create the change we wish to see, we have to create that change starting with ourselves, then others will follow.

Sure we would like to make money while doing all of this too, but we also realize that money is just a tool not the end game; & if we make money our ultimate goal, then we will only reach half of our full potential.

A nomadic lifestyle is not to be lazy and make money online, the goal for us is not to be rich, but to be able to have the time to accomplish all our goals within our lifetime.

Money is just a tool, it’s a resource that shouldn’t be placed on a pedestal. I want to live life for the experience of the happiest version of myself, to experience everything I wish to do, I don’t want to live life for things.

So the real reason we changed our blog name, is to make it known, that this, is our way of life. 🌸

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How can you live in the now with so much ambition?

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