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How I purged stagnant energy with my October intentions

How I purged stagnant energy with my October intentions

This month was all about purification. Purify trapped emotions, put yourself on a pedestal, and realize that you are in control, you always have been. Identify yourself not by your relationship with others, but by the relationship you have with yourself. It’s okay to admit the negative emotions you have felt from past experiences with others, but don’t give those thoughts their power by obsessively thinking about the past.

How can you focus on yourself and less on identifying yourself by your experiences with others? Actions others have done to you, are not you. You are who you are deep down, not the way others have made you feel. Purify by acknowledging those feelings & why they made you feel that way. Open up to yourself about what is conflicting with you. Realize that you give your thoughts their power, & by controlling your thoughts, you control your power.

Don’t let past experiences block you from experiencing you in the present moment. What thoughts are bothering you? How can you release them to just feel grateful for the present moment?

Shot & edited by  Adam Hansen

Shot & edited by Adam Hansen

Take these 3 steps to purify yourself of negative thoughts:

  1. Journal about what is bothering you.

    Journaling, or the simple act of writing down your feelings on paper, helps you unravel heavy emotions so that you can understand yourself, and the root of your emotions without judging yourself for feeling a certain way.

  2. Listen to a cord removal meditation to accept the past & move on.

    In case you are not familiar with energetic cords, you should know that we create cords with things, people and memories. Energetic cords are created with another person based on our interaction with them, & they are created with memories & things based on how much value we give them & how much they impact us emotionally. When a cord with a person is created, if it’s a strong cord/energetic connection, we can feel the other person’s energy, no matter how close or far they may be from us physically. Meaning if that other person is sad or has specific behavioral patterns, you may feel that way too or mimic their behavior patterns. You can tell when a cord you have created is impacting you negatively when you feel negative emotions and you can tell they don’t stem directly from you. (ex. you don’t know why you feel so sad, but you were or are close to someone who is sad all the time). Even if your cords aren’t impacting you negatively, I personally recommend cord removal from time to time, to allow yourself to just be with your own energy. Listening to a cord removal meditation, like the one I have in my meditation playlist, to remove cords with a person does not necessarily mean that you don’t want this person in your life anymore, (it could if you want that to happen, but that is your choice) cord removing is about allowing yourself to be free from another person’s energy so that the way they feel does not impact your emotions. We gain so much more clarity when we establish a relationship with ourselves, without the confusion of the emotions of others.

  3. Focus on what you can control right now & what you plan to achieve.

    Write it down and then create a visual manifestation board. This will help reinforce positive thoughts.

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