Hotel Alternatives Toolkit

Hotel Alternatives Toolkit


What is it?

A downloadable PDF toolkit for savvy travelers showing you 3 different tips & tricks you can use to save on accommodation or get it for free.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you:

  • Find it annoying to pay around $100/night on basic hotels.

  • Want an option similar to Airbnb but for FREE!

  • Want to have more spending money on your trip

What’s in it?

We reveal 3 simple, yet effective, budget friendly travel hacks that major hotels chains and booking sites won’t tell you about!

How to use:

After purchase, you will get an email titled “Your Digital Downloads” with your order #. This email contains the link to download the file, simply click on the link and the file will automatically download to your device. Please note: once the link has been clicked, it will expire after 24 hours. Once downloaded, you can reference this toolkit at any time!

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