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Where to Stay: Accommodation in Vegas

Luxor Hotel and Casino @luxorlv

Luxor Hotel and Casino @luxorlv

Luxor Hotel

Also known as the ‘Pyramid’, this hotel is one of the most unique hotels in Las Vegas because of its Egyptian-themed architecture and suites. Luxor Hotel is pretty amazing for its unique styling interior, it showcases interesting artifacts in a museum-like setting. This hotel is not only cool but it’s also affordable. For pricing details click here.


Tuscany Suites

Tuscany Suites & Casino has a lush garden and an Italy inspired interior design that captures the essence of Italy’s northern region. The hotel also has live entertainment & a full casino and spa. To check their current room rates click here.




Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis is also another popular hotel in Vegas that really stands out. You see, Vegas is like Disney World for adults, it’s like that theme park Epcot where you can “travel around the world” & get a taste of different cultures all in one place, so you get to feel Egyptian, Italian, or like a mermaid or merman… remember it’s Vegas, go big or go home!

Where to Eat in Las Vegas: Delicious Meals On a Budget



Okay, this was actually the first restaurant we went to on our road trip right when we got to Cali. I mean you see so many delicious looking Instagram pics that missing the opportunity to try In-N-Out was just not going to happen. I remember being astonished by how insanely low the prices are for a burger and how delicious and unique the taste of it is! Located all over the west coast, at around $3 per double cheeseburger, you really can't go wrong. (p.s - make sure to ask for their secret sauce, oh and don't forget the sport peppers!)

Average spend - Around $6 per meal

In-N-Out burgers by pointnshoot

In-N-Out burgers by pointnshoot

Photo taken by @pugridesshotgun via Instagram

Photo taken by @pugridesshotgun via Instagram

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

This cute restaurant is dog friendly and offers seasonal items like Mexican corn & peach raspberry pie. They also serve up brunch and have a dog menu, in case your dog gets the munchies.

Average Spend - Around $12 per meal


Viva Las Arepas

The food at this Venezuelan restaurant reminds me of my beloved Mexican gorditas. The cooks at Viva Las Arepas don't cheap out on the meat either, which means every hand-made arepa comes with a good wood-fired fill. Sides include black beans and platanos fritos (aka. fried plantains). Mouth watering yet? One arepa is priced around $5.50- $7!

Average Spend - Around $11-12 per meal

Photo taken by @mizzerybell via Instagram

Photo taken by @mizzerybell via Instagram


Lindo Michoacán

Forget Tacos el Gordo! This place was recommended to us by a local who could not stop raving about the place, and for good reason. Not only do they have flavorful, authentic margaritas and micheladas, but Lindo Michoacán embodies traditional Mexican culture. With people like Barack Obama said to dine at the restaurant, it makes you curious to want to check it out for yourself even more! "Save water, drink margaritas!"
If you're craving Mexican food in Vegas, don't settle and take a risk somewhere where the food might be bland, cause now you're in the know of this great local spot.

Average Spend - prices range anywhere from $13-20 per plate (not including drinks)


Metro Pizza

You'll love the diversity of pizza here, it isn't just your regular pep and sausage. From Chicago inspired deep-dish pizzas, to Batman inspired with The Gotham, Metro Pizza is a pizza lovers paradise. Yeah you're in the West Coast, but Metro Pizza has a whole menu section dedicated to East Side pizza. Enjoy a small pizza for just $14, but if you're looking for even more wallet savings then arrive before 2pm on a weekday and eat lunch for just $10 and get a free drink. Score!

Average spend - $10-17


Nora's Cuisine

Underrated yet appreciated , Nora's Cuisine is basically a hidden gem. Living proof that yes, you can go out to eat at a nice Italian non-chain restaurant, and have a meal under $20.

Average spend - Eat lunch for as low as $6.50!! Dinner as low as $13.


Grotto Italian Ristorante

This last spot is super cool. Think of it as dinner with a view sorta thing. "Honey.. how does Italian and swimming with sharks sound for dinner?" Lol but seriously, even if you don't want to swim you can still enjoy the view of the shark tank while you enjoy a fresh shrimp cocktail. Feel lux without the price tag, dinner starts at just $16.

Average Spend - $16-22 per person



The Most Insta-Worthy Places in Vegas


Fountains of Bellagio

Free water show? Put me onnn! When I went, I just saw it from the sidewalk, but I recently discovered you can actually watch it from the Hyde Bellagio Lounge and Nightclub FOR FREE. Turns out they have a free entry VIP guest list WITH A COMPLIMENTARY OPEN BAR for girls from 10:30 pm-1 am. Guys don't fret, the free entry VIP guest list applies to you too.
*BONUS* The VIP host can also add you to the guest list at other venues in Vegas! Budget? What budget? You're free to party like a rock-star in Sin City all week long!

Price - $0

fountain show at the bellagio hotel
Mandalay Bay Aquarium - Underwater Tunnel by Daniel Ramirez via flickr

Mandalay Bay Aquarium - Underwater Tunnel by Daniel Ramirez via flickr

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

Who said Vegas was all casinos? Emerge yourself in ocean life and come up-close and personal with some astonishing sea creatures, sharks included!

Price - $25/ticket


The Venetian

Man, what's up with all the little cities in Vegas right? Well quit wondering and start enjoying! Being in Vegas will make it look like you're traveling the world!

Since there's quite a bit of shopping to do here, we recommend visiting this place last, as to not overdo it with the shopping & go over budget (unless you can control yourself). Anyway, this way you will know exactly how much money you have left to spend and you can shop with peace of mind.

Price - Free to walk around & take pics, obviously lol.
Optional: $29 per person to go on the gondola ride (with 4 people)

Average spend? Between $0-$29

Canals, The Venetian Las Vegas by Andrew Milligan Sumo via flickr

Canals, The Venetian Las Vegas by Andrew Milligan Sumo via flickr


The Wynn Hotel

The nightclubs here are off the chain, but with the price tag being in the thousands to reserve a table... yeah, no. That shouldn't scare you from checking out the lobby though, nothing wrong with wanting an aesthetically pleasing Instagram pic.

Price - $0


New York New York

Covering two cities in one. How can taking a picture in fake New York not be fun?

Price - $0

new york city in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Ferris Wheel

It's said to be the biggest Ferris wheel in the world, and holds a capacity of 40 people per pod!! Spectacular views not just of the wheel, but in it.

Price - Tickets as low as $20 during the day and $32 at night


Love Locks Fremont Street Experience

You can find anything in Vegas, from little cities, to locks of love like the bridge in Paris. Visit with any loved one and leave your mark, so the next time you're in town, finding your lock will make you reminisce.

Local Hot Spots


Primm, Nevada

Attractions include roller-coasters, golfing, shopping, skydiving, resorts, and yes, more casinos! Check out The Star of the Desert Arena, the place hosts concerts, rodeos, and boxing.


The Hoover Dam

The biggest dam in North America, it has enough concrete to stretch across the United States. Local spot and photo-worthy place.


Chinatown Plaza

Choose between Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Japanese, Chinese, and Shanghainese foods.


Red Rock Canyon

Tired of sitting down and playing video game slots? Get a breathe of fresh air away from the casinos and hike your way into mother nature. Or fish your way, or camp, or whatever floats your boat man they got it all.

Cultural Activities in Vegas

  • Circque du Soleli - For pricing and tickets click here.

  • The Mob Museum - A museum inspired by crime syndicate & law enforcement. The museum also offers moonshine & cocktails. Price: tickets start at $19!

  • Euphoria Wellness - Visit the first dispensary to ever open in Vegas.


Pssst: Have you heard of Go City Las Vegas? It's a pass that lets you get into top attractions in Las Vegas for one low price. It can save you up to 60% off since you don't have to keep purchasing overpriced entry tickets at each attraction.

Yelp's A Hit, Man! @ The Mob Museum by Yelp Inc. via flickr

Yelp's A Hit, Man! @ The Mob Museum by Yelp Inc. via flickr