Bucket List Destinations + Ways to Help The Planet

A collection of must-see locations we want to explore on our world travel adventures. Browse to get inspired too!





It’s hard to imagine traveling the world without ever getting to view the Northern Lights in Iceland. + The volcanoes, thermal hot-springs & waterfalls make this place too magical to pass up.

Quick fact: The North Atlantic right whale is an endangered mammal in Iceland. Learn about the whale meat industry & help protect whales in Iceland! For more information click here.

The trip we would take: G Adventures Iceland Northern Lights & Golden Circle.



Just the fact that we have no clue what to expect from Portugal makes it that much more intriguing.

The trip we would take: Portugal Getaways: Évora, Algarve, & Lisbon.



There’s no denying that Greece is beautiful, however we can’t deny that there’s a lot going on in Greece that probably doesn’t show up when you search up ‘Greece’ on Instagram. These things threaten the biodiversity & beauty of the Greek islands, things like toxic pollution/waste and destructive fishing. Kevin & I found 3 ways we can volunteer to make a difference while in Greece.

We also found a cool way to save on a trip to Greece that basically only requires you pay for your flight: volunteer as a nature park helper in the Island of Crete! Meals and accommodation are included: find out more here. For more volunteer opportunities in Greece click here.

The trip we would take: Voyista’s Greek Island Hopping! + Get $100 off any Voyista trip with code: AG100.

switzerland snowy mountains and flag


I had a dream I was in a car looking at the snowy mountains around me at night, and I swear it was like I was in another world; naturally I’m curious to find out if this is what being in Switzerland actually feels like.

The trip we would take: Contiki’s Winter Wanderer.

Southeast Asia



I think the best way to describe our reason to travel to Cambodia is to get to know the culture here and the way of living in this part of the world. Its history as one of the oldest civilizations in the world has a certain mystique that we would like to explore. And then there’s the cuisine, it has to be the ultimate in my opinion; I have heard a beating cobra heart is the ultimate delicacy here... maybe I’ll try it … maybe I won’t.. we’ll see what happens when we visit this amazing country!

The trip we would take: Contiki’s Cambodia & Laos Uncovered.


Sri Lanka

What’s amazing about Sri Lanka is that it’s a country that offers ancient ruins, amazing coastlines, waterfalls, jungles, wildlife, beaches & even a safari national park! Seriously, what more can you ask for?

Another great thing is that traveling to Sri Lanka on a budget is totally doable. We recommend working for a Sri Lankan farm since meals & accommodation are included for only $15/day. Find out how here.

The trip we would take: Contiki’s Pure Sri Lanka. 😍

(P.S.) Interested in protecting the wildlife here? Check out these free/independent organizations that accept volunteers in Sri Lanka!

South America



I really want to learn more about wine & taste the different flavors of other countries. I’ve been longing for a rich, full-bodied naturally sweet wine, so why not see what Argentinian wines are all about? - Leilani

We found a cool website that tells you how to work, volunteer & get to know Argentina from a local’s perspective, check it out here.

The trip we would take: G Adventures Mendoza Wineries Independent Adventure.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica seems like one of those places where you’ll probably discover unheard of fruits, a place where the coffee is just a little bit fresher, and where the biodiversity of the jungle and waterfalls are bursting with life!

Quick fact: The Titi Monkey is an endangered primate in Costa Rica. You can help protect this endangered species through sustainable reforestation near Manuel Antonio National Park. Click here to get involved. There are other issues facing Costa Rica that you can get involved & help with as well, things like protecting Sea turtles from poachers, & the conservation of the last remaining virgin rain forest in Costa Rica, click here to learn more.

The trip we would take: G Adventures Natural Highlights of Costa Rica!


Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos is known for the unique creatures that inhabit it & are found no where else on earth; getting to see & study the animals here would be the opportunity of a lifetime!

Quick fact: Galapagos Penguins have been in decline over the last few decades. You can help by taking pictures of them while you’re there and submitting the pictures for scientific evaluation here.

The trip we would take: G Adventures Galapagos Island Hopping.



I have to admit, I watch Lost LeBlanc on Youtube, and his trips in South America are pretty darn cool, but I can’t wait to create my own adventure. What do I dream of? Eating at a restaurant with the perfect view of the Machu Picchu temples! - Leilani

Take part in the reforestation of Manu, a virgin rainforest & the biggest tropical reserve in the world! Conserve Manu & the Amazonian Rainforest in Peru through this non-profit.

The trip we would take: G Adventures Inca Jungle & Rainbow Mountain Trek.


Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Jungle literally helps all living things on earth breathe! Why wouldn’t we want to visit it?

Technically, this can belong in the Peru category since it is a part of Peru, however there are parts of it in Brazil that we would also like to visit. Did you know that the Amazon Jungle is being destroyed to make space to grow cattle for the meat industry? Even if you don’t have plans to travel to the Amazon Jungle soon, you can still help preserve it wherever you live simply by making a pact to yourself to eat less meat, sticking to it, and spreading awareness to others. Let’s keep the earth alive people!

The trip we would take: G Adventures Local Living Ecuador Amazon Jungle.




Most of the documentaries we watch take place in Kenya, so our interest and curiosity makes us wonder how Kenya is in real life.

What do we want to gain from our visit to Kenya? We want to contribute to the world & make a difference.

How? By volunteering through organizations like The Cheetah Conservation Fund or the Colobus Trust. You can view all of them here.

The trip we would take: Contiki’s Kenyan Highlights.



A cool way to help people in Uganda: Consider a stay at the Boomu Women's Group Bandas Lodge. All proceeds benefit their community fund that helps pay for their school books, soap, pencils, and food for their children. The money also helps fund their local clinics, water access projects, and educational work. You can also support them by taking part in some of the activities they offer like learning how to weave baskets, or learning & tasting firsthand, how they use bananas to make gin, beer & juice! This is great for those who want to make a difference, & really immerse with the local people & their culture.

A cool way to help animals in Uganda: Visit the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Centre to find ways you can get involved including: a tour to learn how a Uganda conservation center takes care of their animals, a 5 day a week volunteer program to help animals in Uganda for free, the experience of taking care of wildlife for a day, a zoo visitation to learn how animal ambassadors are conserving wildlife and more!

To learn how gorillas are being protected in Rwanda visit the Karisoke Exhibit.

The trip we would take: G Adventures Culture & Wildlife of Uganda & Rwanda. - Endorsed by Jane Goodall; part of the proceeds go to the Jane Goodall Institute to protect & help wildlife & people local to the area. The trip also supports the Nyamirambo Women's Centre. The cost of lunch here (included) helps fund the center's training & education programs for the local women in Rwanda.

North America


Hawaiian Islands

Paradise in our own home yet it seems worlds away.

The trip we would take: Contiki’s Hawaii Unplugged.



victoria, australia bucketlist destination


Everytime I picture myself in Australia, I picture myself surrounded by enormous trees… I picture myself driving by trees that envelop me and make me happy, I picture myself coming close to experiencing what an ancient rainforest would look like! The one place I must see in Australia is Victoria!